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Siegfried Marynissen

For decades, I have managed change communications in the world’s largest healthcare company. Whether it has been a departmental change or a change to the entire organization, every time it has been clear that the right preparation and a meticulous communications plan roll-out contribute significantly to success. At Marynissen & Associates Communications, we’ve worked with a number of other companies, helping them use communications as an effective tool in managing organizational change.

Our clients, anywhere in the world, are looking for professional communication expertise that can help them in creating impactful communications.

Our associates

Our associates are subject matter experts who are essential or contribute to your success.

Dennis Larsen

Dennis Larsen


Strategic counsel and insightful analytics: reputation, brand, sustainability, corporate communications.

Karen Drury

Karen Drury

Coach/Change comms – fe3

Expertise in executive coaching, strategic change communication and senior management development in public, private and voluntary sectors.

Kel Wouters

Kel Wouters

Social Media Strategist

Kel Wouters is a digital marketeer specialized in social media. Her background: advertising. No wonder she’s always busy creating buzz.

Ron Maes

Ron Maes


At Videofactory we help our clients to fire up engagement and enthusiasm with their stakeholders. Therefore, we use the power of interactive video and digital events to build momentum for important strategies, ambitions or projects. At Videofactory we help you to stand out from the crowd so you can benefit more from an outstanding competitive advantage.

Gérard Klop

Gérard Klop

Partner – Vintura

Vintura is an international strategy and organization consultancy company in healthcare and life sciences with a diverse team of around 80 experienced consultants, with offices in Amsterdam, London, Munich and Paris. We have passion for healthcare and create meaningful value for our customers and ultimately patients.

Frank Hackenberg

Dr. Frank Hackenberg

Mediation & Kommunikation

Dr. Frank Hackenberg is an experienced mediator and coach with a passion for communication and people. With a rich background in different industries, cultures and countries, he brings a broad perspective to his work.

Our name

“On my trip to Easter Island in early 2017 I was impressed by the monolithic giant statues (or Moai) carved by Rapa Nui people on the island between the years 1250 and 1500. They represent ancestors of the local people and were carved out of the rocks and put at the beaches to protect the people.

Alhough moai are whole-body statues, they are erroneously referred to as “Easter Island heads” in some popular literature. This is partly because of the disproportionate size of most moai heads; almost all moai have overly large heads three-eighths the size of the whole statue.

These heads inspired me to make sure that our clients’ get the no nonsense support they need and can be successful in their business. It is by going to the basics and communicating what really matters that you can make an impact. That is when you are talking.”

– Siegfried Marynissen

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