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Get the communication you need to make the change in your organisation a success

Marynissen & Associates Communications provides business leaders a format for communicating changes in their organisations so they can focus on the future of their business.

All necessary steps of
the process are covered

All people
are included

Focus on
the business

We believe you deserve the change in your organisation to be successful so that your business can thrive

Changes in an organization can easily go wrong

Fierce criticism
and opposition

A proper communication
plan is missing

The press knows about restructuring
sooner than own team

Information is
not clear

Timelines are
not clear

There are too many
leaders involved

At Marynissen & Associates Communications, we’ve helped our clients in using communications as an effective tool in managing organisational change.

Based on these experiences, I have developed a simple, but powerful, approach – HexaComm© – that helps leaders and managers communicate successfully about the change project.

The HexaComm© model defines 6 steps in the change communication process to ensure that things go right. Following this model – and focusing on 3 crucial, but often overlooked, criteria – has allowed our clients to make successful organisational changes.

3 simple steps to successfully start communicating change in your organisation

We are ready to help you developing and implementing a change in your organisation

Our promise


A clear view on
what is going on


Concrete and
specific actions




Clarity for all
people involved


of actions



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